Prospective study - The Massif Central, pilot territory for a new development model: From the recognition of social and environmental public goods to a territorial project for 2020

GIP Massif Central

Over the past twenty years, the issue of the discrepancy between traditional indicators for measuring economic growth on the one hand, and the population's perception of well-being on the other, has emerged in the public debate in France, but also abroad. Yet the first criticisms of Gross Domestic Product - GDP - date back to the 1960s. GDP aggregates many variables and values road accident expenditure in the same way and with the same weight as expenditure on national education, health and other public goods production. This method of valuing traded production and consumption inflates GDP when it clearly does not reflect its contribution to improving people's well-being.

Compétences / Outils

Territorial analysis

Public and private policy evaluation


• Calculation of a social health indicator for the territories of the Massif Central, in association with the Association des Régions de France -ARF.
• Valuation of public goods and ecosystem services of natural areas in the Massif Central
• Brussels: A meeting with Christiane Canenbley from DG AGRI, Mathieu Fichter from DG REGIO and Frédérique Lorenzi from the European Commission's Secretariat General, provided an opportunity to compare this new approach to development with the European Union's current and future tools and policies.

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