Studies prior to the transfer of the Water and Sanitation competence

Communauté de Communes des Savanes - Guyane

Within the framework of the NOTRe Law (New Territorial Organisation of the Republic), the legislator foresees a transfer of the competence for drinking water and sanitation from the Communes to the Public Establishments of Intercommunal Cooperation (EPCI) with their own tax system by 1 January 2020 at the latest. In order to prepare for this evolution, the communities of communes have decided to carry out a diagnosis and a study on the assumption of competence for drinking water and sanitation.

Compétences / Outils

NOTRe law

Financial analysis

Pricing of services


The studies on the transfer of water and sanitation competences accompany the EPCIs in the implementation of the competence at the intermunicipal level. They are divided into several phases: 
• Inventory and diagnosis of services
• Definition of a typical service objective
• Study of scenarios for the transfer of competence
• Support for the implementation of the transfer

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