Preparation of the 3rd Multiannual Intervention Programme (MIP) 2021-2027

Office de l'Eau Guyane

The Guiana Water Office is one of the main financiers of water policy in French Guiana. Like the other water offices and agencies in France, the OEG collects fees, which are redistributed in the form of aid and advances. The study helped the OEG to determine the size of the aid policy for the period 2021-2027.

Compétences / Outils

Public policy sizing



• Retrospective assessment of the 2nd Multiannual Intervention Programme (MIP)
• Consultation with local actors and elected representatives: what (new) priorities for the next MIP ?
• Prospective financial analysis: assessment of the OEG's future expenditure and income
• Prospective: definition of the bases and rates of charges
• Validations by the authorities

Building the new economic cost-sharing model for the OMVS public and common infrastructures
  • Sénégal
  • Mali
  • Mauritanie
  • Guinée
Elaboration of a Water Resource Management Model on the scale of Martinique including the analysis of decision support scenarios
Office de l'Eau Martinique
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