Natural Disaster Mitigation Programme (NDMP). Establishment of Baselines for Monitoring and Evaluation of the NDMP

Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Ressources Naturelles et du Développement Rural (MARNDR) de la république d’Haïti

With a GDP of around 20%, agriculture is a key sector of the economy in Haiti. The current low levels of production and productivity in the agricultural sector are a major concern for the political authorities, due to its inability to meet the ever-increasing food needs of the population.
In this context, the PMDN II foresees the installation of retaining structures in the regions of Saint Michel de l'Attalaye and Saint-Raphaël, as well as the application of the results of agricultural research that is resilient to climate change, i.e. the implementation of improved agricultural techniques to increase agricultural productivity in the face of the challenges of climate change. 

Compétences / Outils

Data collection

Public and private policy evaluation


Project objective: To establish the baseline for the evaluation of the Development Programme.
• Statistical (econometric) evaluation of the rural development programme using the double difference method
• Establishment of a control group
• Establishment of a treated group
• Data analysis and processing

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