Evaluation of the integrated and sustainable stormwater management policy of the Artois Picardie Water Agency

Agence de l'Eau Artois Picardie

Over the last few decades, the increase in urbanisation and the development of human activities have led to a high level of soil sealing and an increase in rainwater runoff.
The emergence of this problem has led the Artois Picardie Water Agency to implement a policy of integrated management of urban rainwater, by supporting the project owners in the basin in carrying out studies and implementing preventive and/or curative measures, as well as in developing communication actions.
The objective of the study is to put into perspective the public policy carried out by the Artois Picardie Water Agency and the weight of its intervention on the achievement of an integrated and sustainable management of rainwater.

Compétences / Outils

Public and private policy evaluation private


• Framing the evaluation, defining the evaluation framework
• Interview phase with public and private stakeholders in stormwater management
• Analysis and formulation of recommendations

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