Evaluation économique du planEconomic evaluation of the action plan to achieve good status of the OMAN river in Martinique d'actions pour l'atteinte du bon état de la rivière OMAN en Martinique

Office de l'Eau Martinique

What actions ?

What optimised action plan for achieving the good status of the OMAN water body in the Martinique basin ? 

Compétences / Outils

Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Public policy analysis


The objective of this economic and financial engineering study is to carry out an economic evaluation of the OMAN plan and to define the "optimal" cost for achieving the good status of the water body, taking into account the stakeholders' ability to pay (economically sustainable), and the effectiveness of the actions in achieving the environmental objectives set by the SDAGE.
• Phase 1: sizing, costing, economic analysis and efficiency evaluation
• Phase 2: analysis of the distribution of costs by sector and cost-effectiveness analysis of actions
• Phase 3: Discussion

Building the new economic cost-sharing model for the OMVS public and common infrastructures
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Elaboration of a Water Resource Management Model on the scale of Martinique including the analysis of decision support scenarios
Office de l'Eau Martinique
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