Collection and analysis of preliminary baseline data for the Natural Disaster Mitigation Programme (NDMP2)

Banque Interaméricaine de Développement

The Natural Disaster Mitigation Programme (NDMP) aims to build capacity to manage natural disasters and reduce the exposure of the agricultural sector and rural households to climate risks. The programme includes the installation of water retention structures and the application of improved agricultural techniques. An impact assessment will be carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of these measures. The project consists of collecting and analysing ex-ante baseline data that will be used to measure the effectiveness of the project ex-post.

Compétences / Outils

Climate change

Data collection

Public and private policy evaluation


The study consists of setting up the baseline data collection for the monitoring and evaluation of the PMDN, as well as the analysis of the collected data: 
• Development of the survey
• Setting up data collection in the field
• Analysis of baseline data and development of outcome indicators
• Supporting the Ministry in evaluating the effectiveness of public policies

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