Approach to the total economic value of Port-Cros National Park: Cost-Benefit Analysis of National Parks Public Policy

Parcs nationaux de France

France's national parks are public policy tools for environmental preservation. The study focuses on measuring the market and non-market costs and benefits of these public policy instruments.

Compétences / Outils

TEV evaluation

Cost-benefit analysis

Natural area


The study aims to determine the total economic value (TEV) of the Park. This is made up of market values (use values) and non-market values (use and non-use values).
• Face-to-face surveys of 1200 people in the PACA region
• Statistical processing and econometric modelling for the estimation of willingness to pay
• Estimation of the value of recreational activities in Port-Cros National Park using the transport cost method
• Estimation of the property value (non-use values) of the Port-Cros National Park using the contingent valuation method
• Cost-benefit analysis of the Port-Cros National Park public policy

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