Approach to the total economic value of the Guadeloupe National Park

Parc National de Guadeloupe

France's national parks are public policy tools for environmental preservation. The study focuses on measuring the market and non-market costs and benefits of these public policy instruments.


Compétences / Outils

Evaluation VET

Analyse Coût-Bénéfice

Espace naturel


The study aims to determine the total economic value (TEV) of the Park. This is made up of market values (use values) and non-market values.
• Face-to-face survey of 1200 people in Guadeloupe
• Statistical processing and econometric modelling for the estimation of willingness to pay
• Estimation of the economic value of recreational activities in the Guadeloupe National Park using the transport cost method
• Estimation of the property value (non-use values) of the Guadeloupe National Park using the contingent valuation method
• Cost-benefit analysis of the public policy of the Guadeloupe National Park

Other Funder / Client : Parcs nationaux de France

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