Socio-economic justification for not achieving the objectives of the Water Framework Directive

Agence de l'Eau Seine-Normandie

The European Water Framework Directive requires all water bodies to achieve good status by 2015. Several derogations are proposed to postpone the deadline for achieving good status (to 2021 or 2027) or to define a less strict objective. All these derogations must be the subject of a detailed argument to the EU. There are three possible reasons for derogating from the initial objective: natural conditions or technical feasibility (technical reasons) and disproportionate costs (economic reasons). The study carried out focuses on the latter reason, for which 1,000 bodies of water were identified as potentially disproportionately expensive. This "serial" analysis was carried out on the basis of computer modelling.

Compétences / Outils

Cost-benefit analysis

Contributory capacity analysis



Scope of the project :
• Analysis of 900 water bodies for derogation with less stringent objectives
• Analysis of 100 water bodies to argue that the water body is highly modified
Project steps :
• Cost-benefit analysis of 1000 water bodies
• Analysis of the users' ability to contribute to the cost of measures for about 50 water bodies

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