Opportunity study - Experimentation of payments for environmental services on the Valière priority catchment

Syndicat des Rivières de la Vilaine Amont - SYRVA

Payments for Environmental Services are defined by the State Aid scheme SA.55052 (2019/N) and aim to remunerate farmers for environmental services provided. The objective of the prefiguration/opportunity studies is to come up with a scheme that is effective in terms of the environmental objectives of the territory, attractive and motivating for farmers, intelligible, easy to handle, applicable in the territory, in line with the notified scheme and in conformity with the requirements of the water agencies.

Compétences / Outils

Public policy sizing

Territorial analysis




• Identification of environmental objectives and environmental services
• Development of a grid of relevant indicators for the implementation of the PES
• Economic evaluation of the PES: assessment of farmers' willingness to receive, assessment of willingness to pay, sizing of the financial envelope and cost benefit analysis of the programme

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